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Chronotech is part of USI Italia Spray and Paint booth technology: Spray booths, paint booths, painting preparation areas, paint mixing rooms, spray ovens and large veichle finishing systems

italian flag
Cabine forno, cabine di verniciatura, zone di preparazione e box vernici
 united states flag
Spray booths, paint booths, preparation areas and mixing rooms
spain flag
Cabinas horno, cabinas de pintura, áreas de preparación y box de mezcla
german flag
 Lackierkabinen, spritzkabinen, vorbereitungsbereichen und lackmischraum
france flag
Cabines de vernissage, cabines de peinture, zones de préparation et labo de peinture
romania flag
Cabine de vopsire, sectoarele (zonele) de pregatire şi camerele de amestecare
czech flag
Stríkacích kabin, prípravná pracovište a míchárna barev
slovenia flag
Lakovacích kabín, prípravné pracoviská a miešarne farieb
poland flag
Kabin do pieców, stanowiska przygotowawcze e mieszalnia lakierów
russia flag
Oкрасочно-сушильные камеры, oкрасочные камеры, подготовительные места, Боксы для лабораторий по цветоподбору
portugal flag
Cabines de pintura, áreas de preparaçăo e sala de mistura
china flag
烤房, 喷漆房, 烤漆房, 准备区域, 调漆房

CHRONOTECH Spray booth

Living day by day in the body shop world we know very well our customers’ needs.
The body shops that want to dominate with success the car repairing market, today more than ever a complex and strongly competitive, MUST face items such as productivity increase, lowering of energy and fuel consumptions and of running costs.
CHRONOTECH is our spray booth that gives a concrete answer to all of this.

Building passion and technological innovation.

What is Chronotech?

  • the experience and the competence of our technicians together with constant investments in research and innovation, and with the frequent tests involving paint manufacturers and body shops.
  • The evolution and the specific original industrial existing technologies, such as direct-fired burners and inverters;
  • Development of an exclusive, proprietary software for the automated management of painting and baking phases;
  • An installation suited to the different requirements of painting and baking.


Whate are the Chronotech advantages?

Thanks to the Chronotech technology you will obtain these real benefits:

  • Virtually 97% combustion efficiency;
  • More efficient gas consumption (up to 30% less than typical Heat Exchanger indirect fired burner);
  • Reaches desired set temperature quickly;
  • High painting and baking temperature stability;
  • Time reducing for reaching the baking temperature;
  • Time reducing for the painting/baking phase (up to 35%)
  • Up to 45% reduction in electricity consumption by automatic variation of motor rotation speed and consequently of air volume, suiting them to the specific needs of the various work phases;
  • Pre-programmed quantity of air recirculation during the baking phase is made possible through reduction in exhaust fan speed;
  • Motors with Soft Start function that eliminates peaking at start-up;
  • Software for pressure self-adjustment inside the spray boothSoftware for pressure self-adjustment inside the spray booth as filters become clogged.


Productivity and consumptions become extraordinary.

Considerable reduction of working time and therefore notable increase in productivity and optimization of energy resources represent a challenge that we have shown CAN BE WON thanks to Chronotech.
In fact every day over 4000 cars worldwide are painted in a Chronotech model spray booth.

If you want more information about the technical and dimensional characteristics of our equipment, about sales support and after sales assistance write to

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